Comments Welcome for AJP Standards Revisions

Food Jusice Certified LogoThe Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) Board has revised their standards for social justice in agriculture and food production. The standards are now available for public comment until January 20, 2016.

The AJP Standards are used to certify farms and businesses under the Food Justice Certified label. The mission of the AJP is to maintain standards that are feasible, up to date, and ensure a high-bar for social justice for all who labor in agriculture. For that reason we need your help. As stakeholders in the food production and certification system, we need your opinion on whether our revisions are effective.

Click here to see the draft revised version of our standards, as well as a detailed list of changes with short explanations for each revision. The current standards are also available on our website for download.

To send comments or suggestions, please use our online form »

Or feel free to send comments and questions to

Thank you for your input and support!

~ Sally and the AJP Board

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