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Order from deadline – February 6 Bulk Order Pick Up Day – March 7, 9 am – 3 pm
Order from deadline – 2/6/15
Pick Up Day – 3/7, 9am–3pm

Order from deadline – February 6
Bulk Order Pick Up Day – March 7, 9 am – 3 pm

Every spring, NOFA Vermont holds an annual bulk order of farming and gardening supplies. Through the bulk order, NOFA members and the general public can purchase quality farm and garden supplies, which meet the National Organic Standards at “bulk” prices. All income generated from the Bulk Order goes to support NOFA Vermont’s Vermont’s Farm to Community Mentor Program which builds partnerships between schools, farmers, and their communities.

This year there are more than 30 new items for farmers, gardeners and homesteaders! We are introducing several animal feed supplement and healthcare products, more forms of pest control, and new fertilizers and amendments.

Items available through the bulk order include:

  • fertilizers and soil amendments
  • potting soil
  • compost products
  • pest controls
  • cover crop seeds
  • animal feed supplements and healthcare products
  • gardening and marketing items such as field stakes, trellis, bags, bunching bands, and berry baskets

Forms are mailed to NOFA members and interested individuals in January of each year. To place an order, simply fill out the bulk order form and return it to the office by the February 6 deadline. Items are picked up in March at one of the several depots located throughout Vermont. Order forms are available online.

For more information or to receive a bulk order form in the mail contact the NOFA office at nofabulkorder@nofavt.org or 802-434-4122.

S’ra DeSantis, NOFA-VT Bulk Order Coordinator

Homesteaders and Gardeners at the Winter Conference

The Winter Conference isn’t just for farmers – there are over 20 workshops this year designed with homesteaders and gardeners in mind! So whether you’re interested in getting the most produce possible out of your raised bed, or getting more fruit from your apple trees, the Winter Conference has you covered.

Saturday Workshop Spotlight: Hardy Nuts for Farms and Yards

Black WalnutsKeith Morris will be on hand to guide you through the ecology and mythology of nut trees suited to growing on Vermont’s farms and in our neighborhoods. Morris will focus on hardy proven nuts, and introduce the breeding and trialing happening at Willow Crossing Farm in Johnson, VT to help migrate some important nuts typically grown in slightly warmer regions.

Sunday Workshop Spotlight: Poultry Breeds and Brooder Set Up for the Backyard Producer

chickens2 It’s time to order those chirping wonders! Yet, those colorful, descriptive and plentiful poultry catalogs can be quite daunting. Join Bay Hammond, Farm Manager at Cerridwen Farm at Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT, and co-manager of Doolittle Farm in Shoreham VT to learn all about the different breed types, their benefits and shortcomings.

There are additional workshops and networking opportunities for cooks, activists, educators, and more. See the complete list of conference workshops here, and stay tuned for more workshop spotlights in the coming week!