The Food Safety Modernization Act and You

Root washer on Jericho Settlers Farm. Photo by Maria Reade.
Root washer on Jericho Settlers Farm. Photo by Maria Reade.

The FDA has recently completed its publication of proposed food safety rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). They  would require many of Vermont’s farmers and food processors to adopt new, and perhaps costly, equipment and practices designed to improve the safety of fresh produce and processed foods.

The public has until November 15 to submit comments and recommendations to the FDA, which will be considered in developing final rules that will likely take effect in the next several years.

It is important for every farmer and food processor to learn about these proposed rules and determine how they would affect their businesses. Farm and food advocacy organizations around the country have prepared summaries of the rules and information about how to submit comments to the FDA. (See links below.) In the weeks ahead, NOFA Vermont will be making additional information available – join our mailing list for the latest updates.

Upcoming opportunities to learn more and make your voice heard:

For more information about FSMA and how it might affect you:

Submit your comments to the FDA.

Quantity Counts! The more smaller-scale and diversified farmers they hear from, the better. To submit comments:

[by Dave Rogers, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor]


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